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About Vichy Laboratoires

Having already worked with CHS to launch the new Idealia Eyes, skin care specialists Vichy (from the Active Cosmetics Department of beauty giant L’Oréal) chose us once again as the agency to launch a brand new anti‑ageing product.

The Challenge

Vichy’s expert insight highlighted a new consumer concern within the over 50s category of skincare; over-day ageing. Vichy discovered that women’s skin is not only affected by ageing in the long term, but the noticeable day‑to‑day effects, too. CHS were tasked with launching their revolutionary new product, LiftActiv Supreme – created to specifically combat both these immediate and long term signs of ageing.

Our Approach

In order to launch this new product into the public domain, we needed to produce an exciting and engaging campaign – and most importantly a unique ‘big idea’.

Due to the concept of over‑day ageing being so revolutionary, our key task was to educate our audience; to show them how their skin changes from the morning to the evening and to help them understand what happens to their skin over time.  We researched the anti‑ageing category to gain a clear understanding of our audience, their habits, and the kind of messaging and content they would resonate well to.


With the insight that these women allow themselves moments in their busy day to spend time online, video felt like the perfect medium to get our message across in a clear, concise and interesting way.

We chose three women from the UK and Ireland who could become brand ambassadors for the LiftActiv campaign, and filmed them throughout their day‑to‑day, taking head shots once an hour, every hour. Presenting ‘real‑life’ scenarios such as walking the dog, taking children to school and making a family meal helped the content to feel genuine and something our audience could relate to.

Soon after the ‘day in the life’ shoot, we invited our ladies to a London gallery, and revealed the hourly photographs we’d taken.

Their genuine reactions were captured on film as well as their surprise at how dramatically their skin had changed from the morning to the evening. A skin care specialist from Vichy was also on hand to talk the women through each of their pictures and explain the concept of over‑day ageing.


To ensure the campaign was sustained well after launch, we gave handy‑cams to our three ambassadors and asked them to use LiftActiv Supreme for a month; to offer their thoughts about the texture of the product and the difference it made to their skin. This made for some really engaging content which we used both on the microsite we built, and in social media. The microsite also housed a sample giveaway mechanic, to encourage consumers to try the product for themselves and leave reviews.

The Result

With 117,294 total web sessions and an average dwell time of 1.49 on site, such results suggested that our audience were spending longer than average on the site, learning about LiftActiv and engaging with the content.

Overall results throughout the campaign were strong, and we were able to distribute all product samples within 5 weeks of UK media launch.

This left Vichy with positive product reviews, helping to drive both product advocacy and awareness of Vichy’s expertise in the skin care market.

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