Creating a ‘Brilliantly Reliable’ welcome customer journey

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About Npower

With the energy market in turmoil and customer perception at an all‑time low, npower, one of the UK’s big six energy companies, is on a mission to become No.1 for customer service.

The Challenge

Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores by 10% across the key communications that are sent in the highest volume when a customer joins, moves or leaves npower. The wider brief encompasses all of the communications (literally hundreds of packs, letters and emails), so we’ll focus on just the welcome journey to demonstrate how we’re helping the brand become ‘Brilliantly Reliable’.

Our Approach

Joining a brand leaves a lasting impression that will affect customer perception, and ultimately, loyalty and value.

So we started with in‑depth qualitative research that revealed lots of sticking points when switching to npower. The joining process takes 6 weeks on average, and during that time, customers were contacting the call centre to find out what was happening, and were often experiencing long waiting times, reducing CSAT scores.

Our approach was to help customers ‘glide’ through the welcome journey.

By centering our online and offline communications around a timeline, with clear steps of what happens next to manage customers’ expectations. And to help customers take in just the right amount of information at the point of welcome, the booklet and online communications, supported by video, are broken down into bite size chunks.

The Result

The welcome journey CSAT scores improved by 16%, 6% above target.

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