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About Nando’s

Since opening in the UK in 1992, Nando’s has grown to be a household brand. Loved by families and celebrities alike, and famous for it’s exclusive black card, you can now enjoy it’s unique Portuguese style chicken in over 280 branches across the UK and Ireland.

Although Nando’s was originally launched as a takeaway proposition in the UK, the focus on restaurant service led to takeaway becoming a smaller part of the overall business until 2013, with the opportunity to pilot online takeaway online web and app.

The Challenge

For a chain where the in‑restaurant experience is unique and so universally loved, it’s more important than ever that all touch points reflect the brand values customers will have come to expect.

Launching with a pilot of a mobile ordering app and online takeaway experience across 30 restaurants, giving customers an optimised order journey, which also feels very ‘Nando’s’, is at the heart of how we sought to make it even easier for customers to enjoy Nando’s in the comfort of their own home.

Our Approach

Having worked with Domino’s Pizza in the UK to re‑architect their online experience, we understand how important it is to know the ordering process and menu inside out, prior to looking to map out a customer journey.

Through extensive consultation with the Nando’s team, we looked to gain insight around how people order, popular menu items, odd combinations, and additional requests. Combining this qualitative insight with quantitative analysis of order data across a number of restaurants, we were able to build a picture of a typical set of customer orders.

Nando’s’ complex menu structure means that the number of different combinations within an order (even within a single meal) stretches into the tens of thousands.

You can select your preferred kind of chicken, preferred portion type, spice level, and combination (with regular or fino sides) to name a few.

Catering for the 95% of customers who make ‘standard’ orders is the first port of call in our ordering process, and this allowed us to develop an order flow which prioritised the completion of orders for the highest number of customers. Whilst making it fun, with memorable moments created through the use of interactive elements like the slidable PERi‑ometer.

To replicate the high level of order customisation found in restaurant, we looked to give the further 5% of customers who order ‘non‑standard’ meals the opportunity to get the same meal they’d be able to order in the restaurant. And by replicating the order process across web and app, we gave customers a truly device agnostic approach.

Working closely with the Nando’s brand team, and their incumbent creative agency, Mascot, we developed the creative look and feel to layer on top of the final journey wireframes, before taking the designs into final front end development to be integrated with Altaine’s QJMP

Whilst making it fun, with memorable moments created through the use of interactive elements like the slidable PERi‑ometer.


The Result

After a hugely successful pilot, the takeaway platform has been rolled out nationwide, with the takeaway app ordering journey being integrated into a wider Nando’s app. Both continue to deliver a large volume of order to Nando’s – along with a large amount of very positive sentiment across social.

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