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About LV=

Back in 2004, LV= (or Liverpool Victoria as they were known then), was an out of touch, old fashioned brand. So we’re proud to have played a key part in their incredible story and meteoric rise to the 3rd largest insurer in the UK. It all started with the new name and logo, the introduction of their iconic heart and an obsession with brand values and rigour across all channels to achieve the goal of becoming Britain’s best loved insurer.

The Challenge

The brand’s growth has been an outright success. But the ambition to grow is just as strong as ever. Our most recent task was to take LV= into its next phase with a new set of brand guidelines.

Our Approach

In our experience, brands and agencies alike often find guidelines too rigid.

And whilst that achieves brand consistency, it can stifle creativity. But perhaps more importantly, it can hold a brand back to the day the guidelines were published. More than ever before, we believe a brand’s guidelines should achieve consistency, but be flexible enough to cope with the rapid pace of change in our customer’s worlds.

Added to that, research indicated that insurance sector is seen as remote and corporate, and whilst a brand known for its heart would be at the more approachable end of the scale, we wanted to bring even more of a human touch to LV=.

At the same time, the new brand identity needed to address a B2B and B2B2C approach that was lacking from previous guidelines.

The playful heart and tune (‘dum‑di‑di‑dum’) that the brand is famous for in its TV car insurance advertising needed a treatment for the life insurance side of the business, often communicated in a B2B environment.

We introduced a fresh ‘brand bar’ that now brings the core elements together consistently.

The treatment of which is adapted depending on whether it’s a direct to customer or business communication.

As well as a warmer tone of voice, our ‘perfectly imperfect’ style of imagery completes the human touch to continue LV=’s aim to be Britain’s best loved insurer.

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The Result

As the new brand identity is recent, it’s too early for any specific results. However, our direct and digital communications have helped to achieve these impressive results over the years.

2011 Car Insurance up YOY 160% for quotes, 180% for sales.

Sales grew by  696% from 2006‑2011 and 500,000 people switched to LV= last year.

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