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About Lakeland

From humble beginnings selling plastic bags to farmers in the Lake District, Lakeland is nowadays regarded as one of the UK’s most loved retailers. Things have changed a lot in the brand’s 50 year history. But one thing that has remained constant is the immersive and engaging content produced primarily for the catalogues for many years, which is now executed across a much wider range of digital channels to meet the needs of today’s multi‑channel customer.

The Challenge

CHS has been the lead agency for almost 20 years, and across the last 8 years our aim has been to nurture the older, loyal audience whilst attracting a younger demographic through digital channels.

In the latest part of the journey, a re‑brand has given a more contemporary feel to the retailer to widen audience appeal and be more relevant where these consumers already exist – on their digital devices, in the stores they visit, and on their coffee tables.


Our Approach

Our campaign and content planning centres around the nation’s obsession with food, cooking and trends.

With numerous food scares in recent years such as the horse meat scandal, increasing levels of obesity and related illnesses, people have turned to sourcing more local foods and cooking in their own homes.

The main issue for many is the time to prepare and cook for themselves. So Lakeland has positioned itself as the specialist retailer that provides extraordinary, innovative products to help cook tasty, healthy homemade food.


The products alone are not enough though. Consumers crave great content and storytelling with hints and tips, recipes and ‘how to’ videos. And for many, this content is a source of entertainment and relaxation that fits with their viewing habits of the Great British Bake Off, Masterchef and the wide range of TV celebrity chef shows.


During the recent re‑brand, our team of planners, creatives, photographers and videographers worked closely with the Lakeland team to create channel agnostic content to a new set of guidelines.

Wherever possible, the content we create is syndicated across channels so that it reaches audiences where and when they want it, whilst maximising the return on investment in creating it. Whilst there has been increasing investment in digital channels over the years, print still remains a vital sales channel to Lakeland – it’s part of their heritage. Using a test and learn approach, we’ve moved away from smaller, more frequent mailings focused on selling only, to a ‘big book’ format (currently 244 pages), which combines selling and storytelling.


From time to time though, we create bespoke content, especially for the digital magazine, available on iOS and Android.

We first recommended a digital publication to Lakeland back in 2012 and it’s been produced quarterly ever since, reflecting seasonal trends, it simply provides a rich and immersive brand experience to support the direct sales channels.

It’s easy to assume that the digital magazine would be more likely to appeal to the younger demographic. However, results have shown that our older demographic is just as likely to download and use the app, as they’re comfortable with touch technology rather than using a laptop.


The Result

Lakeland’s digital magazine is No. 3 globally for dwell time in the non‑paid for publishing category.

Plus it’s rated 107 globally for the number of active users of all publishers (paid‑for and non‑paid for) with the majority of the top 100 being US paid-for apps, according to Adobe’s data.

The new ‘big book’ catalogue has a better balance of selling and storytelling, and outperforms the previous smaller, more frequent catalogue mailings.

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