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About B&Q

In the year man first landed on the moon, B&Q opened its first store in Southampton (not far from us, as it happens). Today, it’s the largest home improvement and garden centre retailer in the UK.

The Challenge

In the 1960s, DIY was a hobby of the few. It grew for many decades and became a national pastime, with people choosing to improve their own homes rather than employ tradesmen. Today, the trend is beginning to shift away from DIY, so our challenge is to create printed content to inspire and direct mail to drive footfall.

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Our Approach

Research shows that one of the reasons this category is slowing is due to ‘the lost art of DIY’. Skills aren’t being passed on by generations as they once used to be, and of course, younger audiences are getting on the property ladder much later in life.

Our first step was to clearly define the role of the printed media as the lines between direct response print and inspirational print had been blurred in previous years. Our inspirational ‘big book’, which is produced twice yearly, is project‑based with clear step‑by‑step guides to show younger audiences how easy and rewarding it is to DIY. The imagery and video content is now also much more on‑trend with upcycling, using everyday DIY products such as copper pipe to make inexpensive coat hangers, for example.

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More than 3 million customers walk through B&Q’s doors every week – largely driven by the direct response mailers we create monthly.

We use a strict test and learn approach – maximising effectiveness through detailed analysis of product types, price point, product density and seasonal relevance. Combined with direct mail best practice and eye tracking studies, these mailers play a key part in driving sales, supported by our inspiring content.

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The Result

Doorstep research using a sample of over 1,000 people across the UK shows a doubling of year‑on‑year detailed readership of the monthly mailers and a doubling of footfall.

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