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About Barclaycard

As the UK’s biggest credit credit card issuer, Barclaycard has over 10 million customers in the UK. Since we started working with Barclaycard in 1992, the way customers want to engage couldn’t be more different – with one of the more recent advancements being the enormous growth in email communications opened on mobile devices.

The Challenge

As a business which sends tens‑of‑millions of emails to its customers every year, to such a diverse audience, ensuring that emails can be easily read on the device of the consumer’s choice is essential. Furthermore, the ongoing needs to drive efficiency through process, create a fantastic opportunity to develop robust and flexible responsive email templates to keep email communications agile, effective and cost‑effective.

Barclaycard email preview on smartphone

Our Approach

In order to create a platform on which best‑in‑class email comms could be developed, we knew that it was important not to focus on a single discipline, but to bring together communication, design and technical excellence into a set of principles leading everything we do.

  • Technical excellence across the email will result in high deliverability, and ensure the highest number of emails make it to customers’ inboxes.
  • Engaging content which builds from the subject line and continues to develop the messaging through the preheader, and into the headline proposition within the email – gives our emails the greatest chance of being opened from the inbox, and then read.
  • Clear, concise messaging within the email, allowing for interaction straight from first reveal – with easy ways to respond to a call to action.
  • Mobile first design giving prominence to the 60%+ users opening on mobile.
  • Accurate rendering across the 40 most used desktop and mobile email clients, catering for over 98% of all email opens.
  • Animation through CSS and animated GIFs where appropriate, driving engagement and interest.
  • Offer new platforms cutting edge email mechanics with graceful degradation for older platforms.

Testing the principles across a number of initial campaigns proved successful and increased engagement significantly, paving the way to rollout across all newly created email journeys with high impact volumes.

With each independent campaign having different business objectives, through the introduction of these principles we’ve been able to increase balance transfer uptake to existing customers, increase engagement in new customer journeys, and increase re‑engagement of dormant customers.

The principles have also allowed for the rollout of the templates across other Barclaycard brands – increasing engagement across bespoke offers and enabling the launch of Barclaycard’s innovative new set of bPay products.

The Result

Through the production of all new emails in responsive email templates engagement and response have increased, with a reduction in lead times for new communications.

A great success commercially, the new responsive emails have set Barclaycard firmly at the forefront of their sector for email communications across a financial services brand.

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